Steam, Cream and a Touch of Sugar

Burr, Burr, Ahh!

On a blistery winter’s day one of my favorite things to do is plug in my electric kettle and brew a hot cup of tea.   It can be a real treat to stand on your porch, close your eyes and feel the steam waft up from a good cup of Earl Grey.  Pulling your sweater closer and allowing the quiet moments to seep into your life are the experiences that many have forgotten in our modern day world.  Between work, family, and all that comes with it, it’s easy to lose what we found in our youth to be amazing and lovely.  But those special, tiny, rare events are the hushed heartbeats that people can treasure and the space of time that helps to center you for the rest of your day.

Which category are you?

Did you know that tea drinkers come in all varieties?  Just as the Pacific Northwest is known for its coffee and dedicated coffee drinkers who swear by a good espresso, tea drinkers can be just as serious a bunch.  There are the casual drinkers that grab anything in reach as long as it’s hot and strong, the serious drinker that must have that first cup in the morning and the connoisseur that discovers art in the finest brews.   Which category do you fall into?

Finding the right fit

At Electric Kettlez you will find everything you need regardless of your preference.  A wide assortment of electric kettles, teas and even special deserts are here for you to choose from. Also, check out the beautiful, fine tea sets that add elegance for any party.  Your guests will be impressed and pleased that you shared such a treasured keepsake with them.

It’s time to take back our hushed moments and remember that it really is the small and unnoticed things that add flavor to our lives.  Find your fit and savor a fine cup of tea each and every day.

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