Give a gift of warmth with lovely tea and saucer sets

There is nothing better then a nice warm cup of tea!

Sometimes my favorite thing to do at dusk is sit down with a nice warm cup of tea. And to help make that happen for you we have a large assortment of the finest tea’s, along with tea cups and great desserts.

Tea cups for any occasion

So if you are looking for a delicate  cup and saucer set for a wedding gift or a sturdy cast iron teacup for your everyday use we have it showcased here!

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Healthy Benefits Of Drinking Tea

Every time you pour tea from your electric kettle you are actually doing something very good for your self. Not only does it taste good but it’s good for you. Drinking tea has lots of health benefits. Next to coffee it is one of the most consumed beverages through out the world. Here are some of the benefits of drinking tea.

  • Antioxidants- These help with a lot of age induced diseases, such as Cancer and Alzheimer’s, Immune dysfunction, Cardiovascular disease.


  • Zero Calories- Tea has zero calories with out mild or sugar added. This is why lots of dieters enjoy drinking tea.


  • Energy- Not only is it good for you, but tea gives you that little bit of extra needed energy that we all sometimes need through out our day. Different tea’s contain different amounts of caffeine:

*White tea contains 30-55mg per cup
*Green tea contains 35-70mg per cup
*Black tea contains 60-90mg per cup

Tea has many more benefits that are not listed here. So next time you heat your tea up in your electric tea pot just think of the good stuff your doing for your body!

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Welcome to Electric Kettlez

Using and electric kettle instead of one from days gone by that has to be put on the stove is such a time saver and so convenient.  You’ve heard that old expression, a watched pot doesn’t boil, well it’s so true.  Instead of twiddling your thumbs and wishing that you could get onto other things, now you can enjoy modern convenience at a reasonable price.

The many kettle brands showcased here come in a variety of features, styles and color choices.  A perfect assortment of electric kettles give you the options you need to find one that’s just right for your kitchen.

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.

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Taste Teas Of The World Without Leaving Your House


Hand Blended

Engage your senses with rich, hand blended teas from all over the world. Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages around the planet. It is also good for you as well as comforting.

High Quality Ingredients

Here at electric kettlez you are going to find great teas from around the world that are made from the best ingredients.

Great Taste

So have fun and adventure. Browse through and find the next tea you want to taste.

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